WeldControl 40 to 1600 mm. manual butt welding machines with welding control.

Butt welder HÜRNER Whiteline WeldControl 2.0 WeldControl offers a unique service that is not found on other machines. You can choose welding with the benefits of interactive automatic operation. Or switch to manual mode and weld “free hand”. In WeldControl mode you will be controlled by input or adjustment of the pipe parameters through the welding. Your operation is monitored and the entire process is logged. But WeldControl does more than just manage the pressure. It facilitates the workflow, for example by reducing the pressure automatically. The data log records contain all standard information with ISO traceability. In manual mode, the screen acts as a digital meter. It shows welding pressure and temperature information on the display. Machines up to 315 mm. is with large knurled knobs for main clamps.