Bending units for acrylic

Acrylic bending machines. Heat bending of plastic sheets of PMMA, PVC and Polycarbonate

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Heat bending of plastic plates . The plate can be heated on the heating table until it softens in the heated area, after which it is bent and held in a fixture while cooling. Fixtures can be made of MDF board or the like. Since subjects may be taken from the hot stage, immediately after the heating, the method is also suitable for large series. Hot bending may also take place in the hot bending machines, securing the plate during cooling,. This method is mostly used for individual pieces , where you do not want to manufacture fixtures. Most thermoplastics can be Heat Bending, very suitable are PMMA (acrylic), PC (polycarbonate), PS (polystyrene), PETG (polyester) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).