PPSU - Polyphenylene sulfone

PPSU - Polyphenylene sulfone - Polyphenyl sulfone Polyphenyl sulfone - Polyphenylene sulfone polyphenylene sulfone.

Application: Pharmaceutical industry, surgical instruments, dental instruments, components for electrical appliances,
 electronics and food industry. Press fittings for PEX pipes.

Fire: Auto-ignition temperature 502ºC.

PPSU is highly flammable and has a low smoke generation. Meets the requirements of UL 94 V-0.

Electrical properties: Good electrical and dielectric properties, high surface resistance, high specific resistance and high breakdown strength.

Colors: Usually available in colored black.

Physiological properties: USP approved in class VI,

Trade names: PPSU 1000, RADEL® Sulfonplast

Fire test indication: PPSU is highly flammable and has a low smoke generation

Category: Amorphous thermoplastic. See also PEI and PSU

Chemical resistance: .PPSU has better chemical resistance than PSU 1000 and PEI 1000. PPSU 1000 has extremely good hydrolysis resistance, which makes the plastic the perfect choice for items that are subjected to frequent steam autoclaving.

Chemical structure: Density 1.29

Delivery: Rods 5-150 mm. Plate 10-50 mm. Manufactured by Quadrant EPP in Belgium.

Bonding: PPSU can be bonded with epoxy, polyurethane and silicone adhesives.

Mechanical properties: PPSU has excellent dimensional stability and good creep resistance.

Gamma and X-rays, have little / no influence on PPSU plastic mechanical properties. PPSU has one

higher impact strength than PSU 1000 and PEI 1000, and a good stiffness, but is notch sensitive.

Optical properties: PPSU is usually colored black.

Cleaning: Withstands frequent steam autoclaving.

Cutting: PPSU is excellent for machining cutting. Cooling can be done with air or water.

Thermal Properties. Glass transition temperature 220ºC. High maximum operating temperature with good strength and rigidity in air up to 180 ° C. Thermal decomposition> 500ºC. Low coefficient of thermal expansion over a wide temperature range.

Good toughness even at low temperatures.

UV Stability: PPSU 1000 is not affected by UV light and can thus be used outdoors without any problems.

Thermoforming (Thermoforming): PPSU can be processed by thermoforming, but should

pre-dry before heating.