PES – Polyethersulfone

PES – Polyethersulfone 

Application: electronic components, medicinindustri, equipment requiring repeated sterilization , photographic equipment, Aircraft Industry, foil. Filtermembraner.

Fire: Pes are self-extinguishing with little smoke development.

Colors: Amorphous with a transparent yellowish very own color.

Trade names: Ultrason E Victrex

Category: Technical plastic on the high side. Many features including temperature resistance better than PEI but less than PEEK.

Chemical resistance: Bad.

Chemical structure: Density g cm-3 1.37

Taken: Relatively expensive material.

Mechanical properties: Rigid and tough. God dimensionsstabilitet. PES has poor fatigue characteristic.


Optical properties: Amorphous with a transparent yellowish very own color. PES is the transparent plastic on the market that can withstand high temperatures. Approx.. 76% lysgennemgang.

Injection molding: Excellent but requires high process temperatures. Da PES er amorf, will shrink during the molding will be low, allowing parts with tight tolerances.


Thermal Properties. High operating temperature, renewable up to about. 180°, briefly up to 200-210 °. Used for many mechanical components to function at high temperature. Dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range. Lower application temperature of -110 ° C.

additives: Glass fibers. carbon and mineral filler.

UV- Stability: affordable

Buy absorption: Very high. Over 24 hours 0.4-1% . Total afoot 2.2%.


Thermoforming (Termoformning): Requires high process temperatures. Should tøres before forming.