PEI Polyetherimide

PEI Polyetherimid Polyetherimide

Application: Components for electrical appliances, medicoapparater, medicinaludstyr, analyseudstyr, microwave ovens, food.

Foam in flight, took, ships and industrial.

Fire: Ignition temperature 535ºC. Flame retardant with low smoke. Meets UL 94 V-0. PEI 1000 approved by the FAA for use in the aerospace industry.

Extrusion: Sheets and bars of PEI 1000 is extruded

Electrical properties:Good electrical properties. Dielectric constant at 1 MHz 3.15

Colors: Amorphous transparent let cute “ravfarvet” plastic.

Moisture absorption: air 23 ° C 50% RF ca. 0,75 % . Buy 23ºC 50% RF ca. 1,35 % .

Physiological properties: PEI 1000 meet EU directives and FDA regulations (USA) for

use with food.

USP approved in class VI.

Trade names: PEI 1000 ULTEM® are trade names of the company General Electric. – Semitron® – As foam Airex ® .

History: I 1982 introduced General Electric PEI

Identification fire test: Flame retardant with low smoke.

Category: Amorphous thermoplastics

See also PSU and PPSU

Chemical resistance: Excellent. Extremely good hydrolysis resistance.

Chemical structure: polymer Density 1,27

Laserskæring: Laser cutting is fine.

Delivery: Rods 5-150 mm. Sheet 10-50 mm. Made of Quadrant EPP in Belgium.

Bonding: PEI kan limes med epoxy-, polyurethan- and siliconelim. PEI can also be bonded with methylene chloride, which dissolves the plastics.

Mechanical properties: Can mechanically charged at temperatures sustained 171ºC, Briefly 210ºC. Gamma and X-rays, has lifted / no influence on PEI-mechanical properties of the plastic. PEI has good fatigue resistance. (Better than PSU and PPSU).

Rockwell R=125


Optical properties: Amorphous transparent let cute “ravfarvet” plastic.

Cleaning: Withstands frequent sterilization with steam. Autoclave.


Injection molding: High process temperature.

Cutting: PEI is excellent to machine cutting. Cooling can be accomplished with air or water,.

Welding: Butt Welding, friction welding and ultrasonic welding. May be friction welded together with ABS.

Thermal Properties. Glasovergangstemperatur 210 °C. Melting point 215ºC. thermal decomposition >530ºC Operating temperature in air, renewable max 171ºC, short term up to 200ºC, PEI which still have high strength and stiffness.

additives: Ultem® 2100 is 10% glasfyldt, Ultem® 2200 is 20% glasfyldt,
Ultem® 2300 is 30% glasfyldt. The carbon fibers may be added.

UV- Stability: PEI 1000 UV stable.


Thermoforming(Termoformning): PEI can be processed by thermoforming, but should be pre-dried before heating. High process temperature is required.