CA – Cellulose acetate

CA – Cellulose acetate

Application: Filtremembraner, centrifugefiltre, filters for cigarettes, Tool handles as screwdrivers, knive m.m. shoe heels. Glasses. Toy.

Bending: Hot bending is excellent.

Colors: From transparent to dyed in all colors.

Physiological properties: Does not cause allergies.



  Charles Cross  Edward Bevan


The French Kemist Paul Schütze Berger manufactures cellulose acetate 1865.

I 1884 patents Charles Cross and Edward Bevan the first industrial process for manufacturing in the UK.


Trade names: Therefore – Zylonit – Zyl.

Identification fire test: Burns with a yellowish sooty flame.

Category: Cellulosic amorphous thermoplastics.

See also CAB – CAP – EC – CP – Cellulose-ester – Cellulose-nitrat – Cellulose_triacetat – Methyl_ cellulose.


Chemical structure: Cellulosic amorphous thermoplastics. Cellulose treated with acetic acid to form cellulose acetate.

Mechanical properties: Good impact strength with little kærvfølsomhed.

Optical properties: Transparent med en lysgennemgang på ca. 88%.

Welding: Stuksvejsning with about. 80 % strength of the original material. Varmluftsvejsning with 90 % strength. Induktionssvejsning. Friction welding. Viberationssvejsning with 80 % strength.

thermal properties: Becomes brittle at freezing temperatures.

Thermoforming (Termoformning): Excellent