Abbreviations you encounter when working with plastics and pipes.

CTS stands for “Copper Tube Size” which is a standard for the dimensions of copper. Standard is used in U.S.A.

FROM – German Industrial Standard

DIPS stands for “Ductile Iron Pipe Size” which is a standard for flexible steel tube diameters.

DN : External dimensions of pipes.

DR see SDR.

DVGW : German Association of Gas- and Water e. V = German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water.

DVS : German Association for welding and allied processes e. V. = German welding society .

FIGAWA : Association of Companies in the Gas- and Water e.V. since 1992

FLIZ : Meistervereinigung since the 1960’s

ihk :Industry- and Commerce Region Stuttgart since the 1960’s

IPS stands for “Iron Pipe Size” which is a standard for steel tube diameters.

ISO “Metric” stands for “International Standards Organization” which is a pipe standard is used in much of the world.

IT IS stands for “Japanese Industrial Standard” which is a standard for pipes in Japan.

26 kp kilopond – A kilopond is defined as 9,80665 newton.

MFI – Melt Flow Index

PN . The number after the PN is the pressure in bar, the tube can withstand the sustained load at 20 ° C for a minimum 50 year.

SDR or DR is the ratio of the tube diameter and the wall thickness of the tube. It is calculated by dividing the outer diameter of the tube to the specified minimum thickness of the wall. Stir the same SDR or DR group can be used for the same pressure. For example, a Ø63 mm. SDR 11 tubes are used for the same pressure as a Ø315 mm. SDR 11 tube.

SKZ : since Fördergemeinschaft for the Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum 1992

UL-94 – Standards for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances